Property Investment

Understanding how to invest in Property

Property Investment or Real Estate if you prefer, is one of the most popular forms of long-term investment. It has the potential to generate a steady passive income, which puts you smack in the ‘i’ of the Cashflow Quadrant. Unlike other forms of investment, it’s also one of the easiest investment strategies to understand and navigate.

The premise of Real Estate Investment is pretty simple: look for a good deal likely to increase in value over time. While you’re busy waiting for property prices to climb (which isn’t that long in a country facing a housing crisis), collect rental income. Use this income to pay the mortgage on the property, pay taxes, and perform maintenance. Should you have any positive cash flow left after all the necessary deductions, put it away. That’s about the size of it.

“You don’t need to be an expert in order to achieve satisfactory investment returns. But if you aren’t, you must recognise your limitations and follow a course certain to work reasonably well. Keep things simple and don’t swing for the fences. When promised quick profits, respond with a quick ‘no.'” – Warren Buffett

Our key speakers will teach you the fundamentals of investing in Property and show you how property can be a stable income stream and if you follow the strategy laid out at our global wealth creation seminars your are sure to have a steady stream of income by investing in property.